Thursday 21 August 2014

MIA again...

How do other bloggers do it? Blog regularly I mean...... 
I do think about blogging more often & then think that I have nothing to blog about so put it off. I find that I tend to sew in fits & starts rather than steadily most days, a situation brought about by not being a 'routine' kind of girl.... I don't 'work' regularly anymore - I class myself as 'semi- retired but I think it's less than that even.... 😀
While my family were growing up I ran a small village Post office, part- time from my home for 19 years. It was the best of both worlds, I was a stay at home mum & working too. Times change & the post office closed in 2004, shortly afterwards I started working at a local quilt shop - Quilters Haven - I was like a kid in a sweet shop, working in an environment that is based on peoples hobbies & leisure is pleasant. I went on to teach classes, which I still enjoy but now only help out in the shop at busy times & as 'emergency' cover. My parents are getting frailer & I needed to be more flexible to give them support - I now have a small Graddaughter - the Fabulous Frida - she is a joy but lives 3 hours away. So my sewing time gets moved down the queue.... 
Some weeks it will be quiet but I'm still here.. 

As a case in point.... Look at the date I started to draft this post...!!! Finally posted 1st November!

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