Tuesday 24 June 2014

Viva Frida

I was asked to make a toy big for Frida as her collection of 'object d'art' is growing as fast as she is. She has also just started to crawl and so her bits n bobs end up all over the place. A fabric bag to enable a quick 'swoop' around the room was requested... 

I set to work.... It looks pretty 'grungy' doesn't it?.... I don't know how to brighten up these pictures taken with my phone... I guess I should get out the 'proper' camera but it is so quick to use the phone...!  But I guess you get the picture. 

 Not your normal fabric for a toy bag but I had been holding this in hand for just such a use.....

Good old Alexander Henry.... Always reliable for that fabric you think "who on earth would buy that?"

I'm off up to Nannie-sit next week... Good job I don't charge travelling.... 200 miles each way... But to paraphrase Al Jolson....
" I'd drive a million miles for one of her smiles.... I'm her Naaaanie"


  1. I'm sure you'll love very minute! Fabulous bag. Now, you're going to need to make significantly more of these… :)

  2. Thanks Jo.... I may make some smaller ones to keep sets in... They are great for travel bags too.


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