Tuesday 6 May 2014

Hush Hush Sewing...

Ok... Move along there please.... Nothing to see here - well no sewing anyway. 

It's not my normal excuses... I have been sewing ... Yes honestly but it's for a secret project - no book deal for me but someone has to be a test pilot for those books that appear on the shelves. So while I have had very little time for sewing lately, what time I have had has been spent on working to a deadline.... This Saturday... Phew!
If you are waiting on a bee block from me I can only apologise & say it will be you shortly but between this and helping my elderly parents through a period of ill health some things get moved down the queue.
On a lighter note we had a visit from FF (Fabulous Frida) this weekend which was a joy..... Although her first tooth made an appearance, so this normally happy child was a bit below par at times... But I always try to look on the bright side - a night on the sofa with Frida sleeping on my chest was special... Yes really..!!  There is nothing better than watching a sleeping baby. So long as you get a proper sleep the next night.!

We had a testrun of a prototype bread oven in the garden..... Mmmm! Great pizza.
Lovely woodsy flavour to the crust... A few modifications will be needed but for a first run it worked well.. Although one of the chefs seems to have taken 'wood smoked' literally..


  1. What a great photo of FF... and the pizza looks good too.

  2. That pizza looks amazing! I don't mind any child sleeping on me as long as it's not my own on a regular basis! Frida looks blooming too. No worries about bee blocks, there are definitely more important things in life :)

  3. Love the photo of Frida. Lets hope you get to use the pizza oven this summer!


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