Tuesday 27 May 2014

On a Roll...

I have been tied up with the secret project (among other things) and I had got behind with my Bee blocks.
2 days behind the Bernina and I am right up to date..
First it was Scrappy Sprouts for Sarah - I love this design but for some reason I  really struggled with starting this block, probably because I was trying to get it done when I wasn't in the right frame of mind, I was trying to rush it. Once I had time to focus and concentrate it was a really simple block to construct, as with most Scrap projects the hardest part was sorting through the fabric stash.
Having this problem has made me realise that I need to have some kind of system, going through my heaps of fabric to get 6 yellow 2 1/2" square takes too much time up. So I am cutting my scraps into usable sizes ahead of time 3,4 & 5 inch squares and strips in the same sort of sizes, they can be sorted into colour groups for quick choosing.. 
So onto the next block & Penny had chosen a woven design from the Moda Bakeshop - a great free reference stop. That favourite size 2 1/2" came in with with strips of colour being 'inserted' into a white square. 
It's a rotten photo, the colours are a lot brighter in real life.. The beauty of this design can only be revealed when all the blocks go together.

The last of the Siblings together blocks (where we are using our own fabrics) was a block for Sue a Reverse Star... Another 2 1/2 " square project with a little wonky star thrown in.
So the next Bee blocks were for my Bumbling Honeys Bee... Here we receive the fabrics & instructions for a more specific design. First up was a simple 9 patch for Jo which was framed by low volume fabrics - a good job Jo supplied the fabrics - low volume fabrics are at a low ebb in my stash.
I loved this design, it has a fresh modern feel. I don't know how Jo will put he blocks together, I think straight up against each other will work so long as the patterns offer contrast. 
Last up was a simple Log Cabin design for Kate, she sent really vibrant fabrics which look super together, other blocks have the same pattern fabrics but the plains are different colours.... Going to be so cheerful this one.
So that's me all caught up..... Hurrah!

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Hush Hush Sewing...

Ok... Move along there please.... Nothing to see here - well no sewing anyway. 

It's not my normal excuses... I have been sewing ... Yes honestly but it's for a secret project - no book deal for me but someone has to be a test pilot for those books that appear on the shelves. So while I have had very little time for sewing lately, what time I have had has been spent on working to a deadline.... This Saturday... Phew!
If you are waiting on a bee block from me I can only apologise & say it will be you shortly but between this and helping my elderly parents through a period of ill health some things get moved down the queue.
On a lighter note we had a visit from FF (Fabulous Frida) this weekend which was a joy..... Although her first tooth made an appearance, so this normally happy child was a bit below par at times... But I always try to look on the bright side - a night on the sofa with Frida sleeping on my chest was special... Yes really..!!  There is nothing better than watching a sleeping baby. So long as you get a proper sleep the next night.!

We had a testrun of a prototype bread oven in the garden..... Mmmm! Great pizza.
Lovely woodsy flavour to the crust... A few modifications will be needed but for a first run it worked well.. Although one of the chefs seems to have taken 'wood smoked' literally..