Tuesday 8 October 2013

She's Here.....

Lovely exciting news.... the arrival of our first Grandchild... From my son James and his wife Roisha.

Frida Cristabel was born on Friday 4th October at 9.47am.... after a beautiful water birth.... weighing 7lbs12oz...
Here is her first picture at 30 mins old.....

Water birth babies are said to be very relaxed at first as their entry into the world is more natural to them..... This little Sweet Pea is relaxed full stop.... She hardly cries at all and so far is perfectly behaved... no fretting or fussing. I doubt her parents will be this lucky for long but its very welcome when you are first time parents getting to know the ropes....

Frida (as in Frida Kahlo the Artist - I hope she doesn't have her monobrow!!) 
Christabel (as in Pankhurst - Mum is a history teacher..)
We love the names.... 

Here we are at 3 days old bonding with Nannie.... or Grannie ..... or ....??????? I can't decide who I want to be.... but I don't need a name for now... just looking at this little face will do me...


  1. She's gorgeous Teresa, congratulations to you all! What a way to come into this world :)

  2. What a sweetie! Congratulations all round.

  3. what a cutie. I vote for grannie!

    1. Thank you ... I have until she can talk....!!


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