Friday 25 October 2013

I'm Viral

I've been busy making Bee blocks and it has been great fun.. For the Siblings Together Bee 2 -  Celine has designed a Pixel block that will make a fantastic quilt for a child.. The blocks will create a secondary design when they all join together.... Clever..

The FQR Bee is back for a 2nd year.... We have changed the name (dropped the 'kinky' part for obvious reasons...)  Carol had given us a 'Free rein' on the design for her block... We just had a title of Its a Wonderful World - right from the start I wanted to do Trees.... ( a play on my name??) I just love Trees.... At any season, their shape & colour give me great pleasure. 
My block is fused & then stitched.... I cut the leaves out using a Sizzix die... I was really pleased with the way it turned out...

We share our Bee blocks by using Flickr - an online photo sharing site.... I started getting comments and views from a lot of people I didn't recognise.... Then realised that my picture had been randomly accepted onto the 'Explore' area of the site.... Where people can browse through random pictures .... If they see something that interests them, they  have a closer look, which counts as a 'view'..... I am up over 5,000 views ... Just for my little tree block! 
My husband thinks it's all a great laugh...


  1. Well done on Explore - it is such a great feeling isn't it!!!? And I love that block - red, green and navy with low-volume - what could be better!!!!?? x

  2. He, he and here was I thinking you'd got a cold! I'm not surprised your trees block has gone viral- it's beautiful!

  3. Lovely blocks! Can't wait to see the one you are sending me!

  4. It is one of the prettiest things I have seen. Well done x


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