Tuesday 9 July 2013

Poor Neglected Blog....

Oh dear I'm not very good am I....

I could, of course, come up with numerous excuses for not posting more often - like how my life is too busy to have the time but would be ridiculous... I just put other things ahead in the queue...
But I have been on holiday for a week to sunny Portugal - great timing, as since I have been home the weather has improved enormously..

But the main aim of this blog was to post about my sewing and if I haven't got anything to show then I don't post... Who would be interested in hearing about my latest round of golf ?...(my other obsession) even my husbands eyes glaze over and sometimes he's my partner....!!

I have finished my project for my son's birthday.... I made it up as I went along and was pretty pleased with the result... so was my son... I just have to put a hanging device on the back as I wasn't sure how/where he would be putting it..
Here it is... for my spec loving James....

I have also finished another baby quilt... this one is a 'commission' - yeah right... when its for a friend how do you work out what to charge.... When you take in the material costs and your time - you can come up with a silly figure that is difficult to ask for... As I really enjoy making these I am happy to add a little on top of the fabric costs to go towards more fabric.... and this is only because it is for a friend... if I were making them to sell then the figure would be more realistic... its always a problem isn't it?
Silly me I forgot to photo it properly before it went away.....

I have finished my first block for our Siblings Together Bee 2... June's Mama wanted Wonky Stars -

I think this will make a great quilt for a child... the blocks so far are very different and will make a quilt with a random scattering of colourful stars. If you want to see or follow the other blocks/quilts from this bee click here

I am just starting to make things for my 'Granddaughter" (due in Sept)... it seems so funny to know in advance... never did that 'in my day'... I still would prefer not to know as I love natures final surprise but its not my decision and at least it helps to know for making things in advance...  I have bought some soft white 'Minky' fleece and this is the first project under way...

I am hoping this is going to turn out to be a fantastic week.... Cryptic??........more later!!!


  1. Love the spectacle gismo, bet your son was pleased, and your "commissioned "quilt is lovely... Doti

  2. Inspired specs holder and love your wonky stars.

  3. LOVE your hanging glasses thingy - it looks great!!


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