Sunday 9 June 2013

So much sewing... Sew little time..

Life can be so frustrating..... I failed to get my Pieces of Cake quilt finished in May....

In the first place I had forgotten I needed to put more borders on... So maybe I set my sights too high.. I did get about half of it quilted but have been distracted by a 'poorly' father... (It's never my fault really!)

My Bloglovin feed comes in each day and I see so many prolific quilters out there.... fitting in work & children around their sewing.... I definitely agree to the old adage "If you want something done ... Ask a busy person". Cause the more time I have... The less I get done!!

I did manage to get my Zakka make done....... Only one but I liked the method & want to find some better fabrics to make more..

I'm also making a present for someone at the moment..... I'm making it up as I go along but I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment....
Here's a couple of shots so far..... Reveal later on.


  1. Nothing wrong with those fabric choices...they are just adorable!

  2. I agree - your pepper is nice as is!

  3. Loving your pepper.
    And the glasses look very intriguing.


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