Tuesday 14 May 2013

Many Happy Returns?

Well not me but my 'baby' turned 27 yesterday.....

 and I have a question to ask...

Every year the night before Ross's birthday I have a terrible nights sleep... he woke me up at 3am to arrive at 5.30am. It's not something I am conscious about until the morning of his birthday when I am calling him..... its weird.

He says he slept like a baby - funny boy.....!!

So does this happen to anyone else?

His brother was an afternoon baby so I don't have the same thing happening...


  1. My baby was 21 on Monday, but I always sleep through the night unless there is another problem (like getting him to the airport for a 06.30 flight!). This does sound weird but maybe your subconscious is working and you just don't know it!

    1. But what time was he born? As he woke me during the night I think this is what my subconscious is working on....


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