Sunday 3 February 2013


Just when you think everything is going swimmingly DISASTER strikes.....

I had a date in my diary wrong and it means I can't go to FAT QUARTERLY RETREAT..... I am gutted.. last year was so much fun. But the other date is a family occasion and we are all very close, my sister in law is celebrating a special birthday with a family gathering at the Latitude festival here in Suffolk.. you may remember dear reader that I went last year and it was a trifle muddy...

but we had a great time...

So sadly for me... no Retreat this year... I had my ticket and hotel all booked & paid for... luckily my room mate is taking both of them off me so I am not out of pocket. My LSH (long suffering husband) had moaned at me when I insisted on booking my hotel so early "Why do yo want to book that now.. a lot can happen in 9 months..." - Darn it .. I hate it when he's right... But to his credit the words "I told you so...!" have not crossed his lips..

Excitement has stared to mount with the first 'swap' posts going up on the Flickr group... I don't know if I will be persecuting myself by following all the frenzy..
It also means I will not get to see any of the finished quilts from the Kinky Bee that we have been working on... although maybe a few will make an appearance next year too..

My Kinky blocks have all gone in the post this week as I am 'Mama February" I can't believe that 2 of the group have already sewn their blocks up... so hopefully that means that my instructions were clear enough. It was a bit like sending your child off on a school trip...... a lot of preparation and organising but once they are on their way.. you can't wait to see them home again.

I think the paper foundations have gone down well... the CD program I have is a boon to help sew multiple half square triangles...

I first came across Triangulations when I went to Quilt Market in Houston in about 2004 - it was just a PDF disc then and the sizes only increased by quarter inches but that was fine for me... The new edition (version 3) allows for size changes by 1/16" (as if I am ever going to be that fussy..)  But also prints papers for Quarter Square triangles and Flying geese..  It is sold in the UK here for £24.95 -   Don't know where else, sorry.

I'm also going to try & link to Bloglovin here... it is a blog reader I use & is a great way to keep in touch with blogs I find interesting.

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I get an email digest each day rather than individual emails..

The countdown is on for my holiday... the pile in the bedroom is calling my name - I have to see what will fit into my case...... and what will be left on the cutting room floor...
Have a Happy Sunday....


  1. sorry not to see you in July, Teresa but family comes first in my book too. Enjoy your holiday x

  2. Oh no :0( gutted to hear about the Retreat.
    But we must try and get the Bee together for a meet sometime soon.

  3. Just got back from my holiday, so missed your post until now. You've probably already gone to India but hopefully we will all (or some of us anyway) be able to meet up before the Retreat. I had such a great time last year and I didn't know anyone.However, family does always come first and there's always 2014!


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