Sunday 13 January 2013

A year of lovely finishes.... UFO's & WIP's

Well that's the idea anyway.....   Melissa  &  Shanna are gathering us together to work through our UFO's.... Just one a month is reasonable I think and boy can I use the motivation to get going..

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Excuse No.1 - I've just had a small op on my 'dose' and have to rest up for 2 weeks & avoid dust ( and that will include fibres..) which is frustrating to say the least.. So I am going to make a face mask   to overcome that little problem.. so I can get January's finished.

Excuse No.2 - February is my 'Mama' month in my online Bee and I am off to India for 3 weeks too, so I am going to be pushed for time... So I will have to chose a small project to qualify.

My January 'finish' will be a small quilt I am making to teach to a class in March.. I need to get the sample finished to display to potential students. I have the top made and as this class is a one day class for new quilters we will finish it by 'birthing' the quilt - so I just have to put the layers together, sew all around, turn and do some simple quilting. I can do a 'faux' binding look by topstitching.
It's do able I think.... I'll keep you posted.


  1. lovely idea, but the UFO I am trying to finish will take me longer than the end of january. It's all hand sewing.

    1. Ok Dorothy... just set yourself a longer goal... you are good at getting things finished I know....
      I belong to Mrs Procrastinators Club so I need more focus..


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