Monday 15 October 2012

Wonky for Kinky

Well that title may get me a bit of spam mail....!!

I've just been working on the blocks for Octobers Kinky Bee. Amy had asked for Wonky Log Cabin blocks... Easy peasy I thought... Not so..

I get the concept and the method but the hard part of this block is making the fabric stretch.. it is very had to know how much fabric random blocks like these are going to use... so consequently I ran short of fabric which then leads to the 'freedom' part of random being curtailed.. Luckily Amy had already said that she would finish off any that were short but I am not too keen on the blocks I produced as a result..... Maybe they will look better with some friends!

I think that I was wanting to give them more of a more traditional Log Cabin kind of look too... as in dark one side and light on the other...
But that is why I am enjoying this Bee.... it makes me think outside of my comfort box...
and I still have to decide what my block will be and in what fabrics?

Sunday 14 October 2012

Jacks on his way.. & Linking Up to FQ

I had a false start selecting fabrics for my Jack Attack quilt but once I made my decision to go with Poetica by Art Gallery Fabrics I was on my way. The instructions by Lynne are genius & for such a big block it goes together really quickly.
I am piecing some of the backing so I will be a little slow getting it finished.

 I have made more blocks for my Kinky Bee swap. This is a design called Converging Corners and can be found here..

Then I had another Baby quilt to make... this is from a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman and is super easy - I love how it looks so different according to the fabrics... these are mostly Etchings by 3 Sisters for Moda.. Lovely soft greens that can work for a girl or boy... Turns out this is a boy quilt for Rupert.

I have also booked for Fat Quarterly Retreat in 2013 - I had such a fun time last year but will be trying  hard to Keep Calm as we all got very excited last year and I don't think I could sustain it at that level without making myself very annoying..

 So I'm just going to show my finishes from last year....

An early love of Union Jack from a class with Lynne Goldsworthy.

I finished off my FQRetreat cushion that I started in a class with Tacha - Yay.. another tick on the UFO list...

I also had a little play with the Portholes technique from the class with Lucie......

So thats it for me... I'm off to hide in a dark corner as I have realised that I haven't got a picture of the frame purse I made in Katy's class....
But as she's away at the moment so I might get away with it.... shush........don't tell on me...!