Sunday 30 September 2012

Husband away - Sew all day..

 I have had the last 10 days to myself and have been getting productive in the sewing room.... I love having the house to myself... Don't get me wrong, this can't go on for too long because I am a complete slut during these times and the house descends into CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)
I love to lock myself in my room and get lost in my sewing.. This is the result of a late, late sew-in...
My Jack Attack 2/3rds quilt from the Sew along at Lily's Quilts

3.30am....  I must put a clock in my room.......

I could have gone on later but I ran out of white fabric and it had to go on hold as I was off on a little golf trip to Derbyshire......
Sadly we didn't get a break on the weather front and only played 1 out of 3 days - getting soaked in the process....
Luckily we had back up plans in our group entertainment....

Our room was turned into a Laboratory for a Horror themed event......

And we did have to speak to housekeeping about the standard of their work.

So all was not lost.... although my waistline may have suffered
a bit due to more time around the drinks & nibbles....

Back home I had the house to myself still and I got down to finishing up on a project started at the Fat Quarterly Retreat back in June..  This was in a class on EPP with Tacha Bruecher, if I started it again I may have switched the red squares with the grey diamonds... it is difficult to visualize how the finished project is going to look... but I am happy with it as it is.....

I like the look of handmade cushions but hate finishing the backs.... a flap over never works for me... it bulges with a nice plump cushion in even if I put a button on the back.... (ugh - buttonholes..)
So this time I have tried out a new technique (for me) in putting a zip in the back of the cover.... it went together so easliy I will never do any other method.....
A great tutorial for this can be found here

The only change I made was to back my fabric with some fusible vilene to give it a bit more body.

This is now on display at work near Aneela's fabrics, it makes such a difference to see samples make up..

Back to Big Jack.....
I have restocked with white fabric and have finished the top of my Jack Attack Quilt..

I am really pleased with how it is turning out.... it is bigger than I first thought... that's a King size bed it is covering .... Now to make the back up.... 

and my Honey is home tomorrow so I had better do some tidying up!


  1. wow, you have been so busy! Love the Uj's and the cushion has turned out great

    1. Thanks Catherine.... I loved doing the Jack Attack.. went together really quickly.

  2. What a lovely blog post T
    Your Jacks are absolutely great and I am so excited to see your finished snowball cushion. You really have inspired me to finish mine now too.

    1. Thanks Liz... Soon be time for the ticket for next year..

  3. Loved your blog Teresa, and have bookmarked the zipper tutorial i might get around to finishing some of my cushions now. Thank you.

    1. Look out for my Mystery cushion class Dorothy... This is how we will finish it..


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