Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sewing Mojo

A lot of bloggers have been commenting lately on their lack of 'Mojo".... Most of them have young children and are nearing the end of the Summer holidays...  Whether you have been away or have just been at home, having children around is always going to take up VST.... (valuable sewing time..) even if you encourage them to join in and make something for themselves - it isn't the same as having that nice bit of time to yourself.. Selfish I know but it sometimes keeps you sane..  Not that I have that problem at the moment... I am an 'Inbetweener" - no not like the ones on the TV... I am between Children and Grandchildren and currently have an empty nest - not a situation that I like actually, I love to have a full house with lots of noise and laughter.

But in the meantime I do get to have a lot of time to sew - I count myself lucky in that..... and my Mojo is alive and well... producing lots of bits & pieces at the moment.

I have just been finishing off 2 blocks for the Kinky Bee I am involved with.. I have to get organised with fabrics and a pattern for February when everyone will be making me blocks which will be turned into a quilt..

These are glimpses of my Brit Quilt 3 Swap mini quilt which is nearing completion and will be sent off this weekend... I don't want to show too much of it as I want it to be a surprise for its new owner.....

I am just getting it 'blocked' and then will back it and put a hanging sleeve on... will be sad to see it go but I get to welcome a new one home here.....

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