Thursday 16 August 2012

Olympic Sewing

I've been a complete Olympic junkie... We were able to get to see quite a few events over the last 2 weeks and we have been staying with our son in London so sewing time has been non existent  but the whole experience has been great.... So proud that this huge event has gone so well...
Our first event was at the Excell Stadium where we saw Women's weightlifting .... It was great entertainment..
I should apologise to this athlete for the unflattering photo but it did make us giggle when a Games Maker came out with a mop every so often...!!

We also took a trip across the Thames on the new cable car ride.... Great views... and a very efficient way to cross the Thames..

Then it was off to Wimbledon where we saw the epic match between Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro, which lasted so long we missed out on our dessert ..  Then a very quick match between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka - one sided..!

 Which one looks like the athlete?

Then came another great game between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic ..... I haven't been to Wimbledon for many years and I had forgotten just how different it is to see a match live... I may make more of an effort to get tickets in the future...
and for the 'Football' fans... this was our transport to Wimbledon.... 

Back on the Olympic trail and the next stop was Wembley for Women's football a pretty good game between France and Japan... France were unlucky .
A little busy getting out...!!
Then off to the Olympic park where we had tickets in the Copper Box to see Handball... It has been very popular as a newish sport on the scene... We saw a womens match and they are great athletes.. The game is fast and tough as they fling themselves towards the goal... Landing hard without the need for padding or mats.... ouch ... the mop was in use again but this time it was for sweat marks on the court...

We had the rest of the day to spend around the Olympic Park.. it was fabulous to see so many people all enjoying the event.... no drunkeness or bad behaviour... The big screen park was very popular and crowded all day... and there was no doubt when a GB competitor was involved- the roars could be heard for miles....

Our last event was the Womens football final at Wembley between USA and Japan.... a record crowd of over 80,000 made for an electric atmosphere and a game that was won by the USA avenging their defeat in the world championships...

So thats it... all over and I am so proud that the whole event went so well.... from the  Wonderful Opening ceremony to the 'slightly cheesy' closing party... is it me or did Ray Davis look like he'd been embalmed?
Back to the sewing machine... I am enthused again... but not for long - I am off to the Festival of Quilts from Thursday to Saturday.. I will be popping in to help Karin Hellaby on her Quilting in Action stand and trying to keep my purse locked away as I really do not 'need' to buy anything..... or will I?


  1. Oh, how lucky you got to go! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Teresa, it is wonderful to hear about your Olympic experience from someone who was actually there. I've been glued to the TV and am now missing all the excitement. Hopefully I'll meet you in the flesh tomorrow at the Festival of Quilts.

  3. It truly was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed all your pics and round up too. Wow you had some great tickets.
    Hope you have a great time at FoQ.

  4. Thank you for sharing , you sure look like you had a good time

    1. We did Dorothy... I'm just back from the Festival of Quilts.. Elfin Patch has a lot of fans....


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