Tuesday 21 August 2012

Festival Fun..

"Another Festival" you say? This time it was the fabric variety... I've been at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham...

Helping out on a stand doesn't give you a lot of time for browsing and every year I come home and hear about quilts that I didn't get to see.... even though I mark my catalogue if I see a name I know.

I think this quilter... won best in show last year. I don't have my catalogue here.

But I do love to browse around the vendors - and there were a lot of 'New kids on the Block' this year. Some of the online stores have this opportunity to get out and meet their customers and make new ones.

The Sissix Big Shot system was the new 'Toy' this year... pity I bought the Acuquilt Go last year (I have a half share with a friend) I am very happy with the basic shapes we have... But the Sissex dies are a lot cheaper if I wanted to go down the applique route.. I had a play on the stand with a free workshop... Katy was my 'Instructress" and they were doing 7 sessions a day but she was still smiling on day 3 - at least I think it was a smile!!

This years 'Best in Show' quilt was a step towards normality... From the group that brought us the "Meerkat' quilt from last year, this year they came up with the Quilters Olympics... great fun, well made and a quilt that many of us 'normal' quilters could see ourselves making if only we had the ideas.. It is so refreshing to have an injection of fun instead of taking ourselves too seriously. It has probably caused a lot of comment, particularly from those who don't 'get' our English sense of humour but this is an English quilt festival..
Sorry I didn't get close ups of the details but I am sure this one will be doing the rounds of the smaller shows and appearing in quilt magazines... I love the 'audience'.....

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  1. I bought the sissix big shot I thought it was enough to spend and to be honest it is a great deal better than I thought it would be for the price.


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