Monday 23 July 2012

Where have I been this time?

Been distracted from my sewing machine again..  I made a late decision to go to a music festival held locally...

 In true English festival style... it was muddy.... but the rain fell at night and not during the day so we were spared too many soakings..

Latitude has been termed the 'middle class' festival and if that means a varied programme of music, literature and comedy and no-one staggering around trying to find their tent late into the night - then I like middle class festivals..

Lots of nice touches..

These are lights...

I loved it all... so much to see and do.. and even enjoyed camping again. I plan on going again next year.
The only downside was that I was totally shattered when I got back and I am now behind with my Bee & swap projects... check back for progress..


  1. Thats a lot of mud! Love those lights

  2. Wow those iris lights are fantastic.
    Glad you had fun {and enjoyed that mud}
    Looking forward to seeing your stitchy progress soon


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