Sunday 1 July 2012

Still here....

Oh dear... where does the time go...? I am really bad for not posting more often but things have been pretty busy and I just haven't got around to blogging about them... and that doesn't count the lovely blog post I wrote a few days ago.. only to find it didn't save!!!

I think its difficult to strike a happy medium ... to blog or not.... In the main I set this blog up to share in my sewing projects and occasionally other things going on in my life... its not a day to day diary.. My life is good but its not that exciting..!!

At this time of the year I do spend a lot of time out on the golf course.... weather permitting..!! I love my golf and while I can get out and play I take every opportunity to play that comes my way.. I am very fortunate to be healthy & 'wealthy' enough to get around a golf course - however well or badly I play... This was brought home to me this week as I had to attend my cousins funeral, she was only 4 years older than me and had been battling cancer for 5 years.... so hitting a bad shot or missing a putt is not worth getting cross about..

It was my birthday this week too... & the sun shone, I had a lovely time & was very fortunate to receive some smashing presents... none of them sewing related tho'....
Lily's Quilts
I have been working on some of the projects that I started at the FQ retreat in London.. and have finished my Union Jack cushion.....
humm!!!!.... that photo is a little light but I am very pleased with it... I love the size..

I am also nearly finished on my EPP pillow I started with Tacha... just working out how to finish it..

I have joined 3 swaps... wheee!!!.... Never done one before and now I've signed up for 3.... fool! you cry..
They are all pretty different... the first is a Frame purse swap.. I am working on that this week... they don't take long to make but the time is all in the planning...

Swap 2 is the Brit 3 Small quilt swap... again I only have to make 1 small quilt.. but my mystery partner has pretty 'advanced tastes' so it is going to be a challenge to design and execute.

Swap 3 is they FQ Kinky Bee... (don't ask!) this is a normal monthly block swap... I am not listed to host my blocks until February.. so I have a bit of time to decide what design and what fabrics I want my Bee sisters to use..

My niece Mary graduated from Cambridge University this week.... I made her a card....
and then had to make an envelope as well.....

I'm teaching a class tomorrow.... I'll be back with pictures....


  1. Hi, its great to see everyone's finished from the retreat popping up although I have to admit to not making a good start on my own! Congrats to your niece, that is a great achievement!

    1. I love the fact that we can 'do' the classes we missed too thanks to the Retreat Special.. Issue..

  2. are busy. I'm in three bees as well. I love your union jack pillow. Sounds like a fun time you all had at the FQ retreat. Have fun golfing.

    1. We really should stop going on about it... its not fair on the rest of you is it... Hee Hee..!!

  3. The card and envelope are such fun ideas!

    1. Thank you... they are simple and good fun... I normally do a bit of 'stitched writing' but this was needed quickly... They are so easy to personalise..


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