Friday 1 June 2012

Small Blog Meet.....

Lily's Quilts

Thank you to Lynne over a Lily's Quilts  for setting up this opportunity for newbies like me to meet others in blogland.
I have only been blogging for a couple of months and my main focus has been on the Fat Quarterly Retreat which I am packed still faffing about for..

It will be a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and quilters from around the world - pretty impressed that there are a few hardy souls that are traveling great distances to attend - Get in at the beginning this event could go global.....

My previous posts have my latest sewings.. but because I don't like to post without a picture, here's one from our village...

Good of HM to drop by really... she must be quite busy!

I love the way people are getting into the spirit of this occasion.... it won't happen again in our lifetime.


  1. I love how she's wearing the same outfit wherever she goes at the moment too :) Lucky you going to the FQ retreat, I wish I had bought a ticket and convinced my other half to stay home with the kids!

  2. I'm following Lily's advice, too, and getting into the swing of things with my crafty blog. I like your background picture and you zakka button. I really like zakka style things too. Good luck on the small blog meet.

  3. I'm so sad to be missing out on all the celebrations back home, it's lovely to see your posts :) Glad to have found you via Lily's Quilts.

  4. Hi, found you via the small blog meet - have a great time at the retreat!


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