Wednesday 13 June 2012

Post Retreat Slump..

Reading the blogs of other attendees I am not alone in having a bit of a slump after the highs of the weekend. My mind has been assaulted by so much colour and design... I have seen so much enthusiasm and have been swept along with the great wave of plans for new projects... I am now going to be participating in my first Bee... The FQR Kinky Bee... (don't ask!) and also a swap with Frame Purses...  So I am looking forward to sorting fabrics and deciding on the style of my blocks...

A last  few pictures from FQR before I move on....

My Sample swap partners...
Elizabeth, Nicky, Emily & Di..

Here is Christine from Grapes and Hearts in her customary Paparazzi stance..

Sample from my Portholes class with Lucie Summers..
I really had fun on this class and loved the technique.. 
So I had a play with some silk scraps.. I plan on framing this... added a bit of wadding behind it to give a bit of depth when it is layerd up behind the mat.

I also taught a Jelly Roll class at the weekend, five of my students were very new to quilting but coped very well with a pattern that was not the simplest and what they lacked in technique, they surly made up in enthusiasm... I had fun.

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  1. Hi Theresa. You have a blog! I came across it through your link on the Brit Quilt swap. I commented on your mosaic the other day (which is lovely by the way) and I didn't know it was you. I'm envious that you went to the FQ retreat, we were away that week but not sure if I would have been brave enough to go! It would be funny of you were my partner, I'd have to be careful if I came into QH to buy fabric for it if you were there! Maria


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