Friday 4 May 2012

Letting my fingers do the walking ( and the shopping)

Oops! ... I've been a naughty girl... It's amazing how much damage I can do sitting down. It's so easy to source things and once found - they become desirable. Therefore I am looking forward to the postman bringing me some beautiful lacy zips, a stamp alphabet roll and some Summersville pre-cuts... Woo Hooo!!

Also hitting my mat today was the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop book... Very yummy.. And inspiring.!!

Only a month to go until the Fat Quarterly Retreat - got all the instruction for my classes and have to start gathering my supplies... Do you think I will be able to get it all from my stash... Watch this space.
So now I'm off for some late night Zakka sewing. I think it's addictive - we have some Essex Linen in at work and I have brought some home to try out.. I'm liking the look and feel so far, the proof will be in the sewing..
Just to brighten this post with a picture.. Here is the badge I made for the Retreat badge swap... I was making it for Laura from Needles Pins & Baking Tins
All the badges I've seen so far are brilliant and all so different.

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