Monday 28 May 2012

FQ London Linky Party

Fat Quarterly

So just popping in to say "Hello.." In advance of our weekend in London... I am late because I have been stalking in London this weekend, going to the Rugby actually but then steered my family in the Kensington direction so I could check the area out.... Parking is the worst part, for those who are traveling by car be prepared to pay around £50... Eek.. That could buy a lot of fabric..  I am hoping to save a bit by moving the car around but I don't want to miss a minute of the fun..

So... About me - looks like I will be in the 'senior' section ... But I'm a bit of a junior in the blog ranks, having finally got around to it only a few weeks ago.
I live in Suffolk where I work and teach in a quilt shop part time and love being in contact with all the enthusiasts of our craft.
Like a lot of us I am not keen on photos so just look for a purple fringe and this badge...

Lucky me I got the lovely Trashalou as my badge swap partner and this is Boris the keeper of my cleavage.... 

I am in Group 2 and my classes are..........
Frame Curses  Purses with Katy - thats why I need to take the class. 
Paper Pieced Pillows with Lynne - Every girl needs a Union Jack...
English Paper Piecing with Tacha - Looking for shortcuts....
Portholes with Lucie - Loving this girls work..

I'm staying at The Grange with Kathleen who has been working with us at Quilters Haven for the past year.. she is due to return home to Canada in July.. We are staying out near Lakeside shopping centre on Friday night and driving in on Saturday morning, so I don't know if we will make it to Tikki on Friday night but will try..


  1. I hope you make it to Tikki. See you Saturday any way.

  2. You could drop your stuff off and then park a few tube stops away, If anyone wants to do that I can suggest few places that are free to park on weekends in west London.

    Looking forward to meeting you

    1. That's kind Tammy... Where do you suggest?

  3. I love your name tag!
    See ya

  4. Looking forward to meeting you at the weekend x

  5. oh gosh...your quilters haven :) I'm at the grange too and in iron man 2 so we'll get to say hi :)

    1. Well not quite "Quilters Haven" but that's where I work part time.... got to earn £'s to feed my fabric habit... :-)

  6. Look forward to meeting you soon. Hope you get parked OK!

  7. Lovely to meet you Teresa and thanks for my lovely snappy purse! I have a few ideas how I'm going to use this one - FQR proved you can never have enough pretty purses


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