Saturday 12 May 2012

Fiddly bits

My week has been centered around a little white ball this week, so I haven't had too much sewing time but I have been getting my Sample swaps for the FQ retreat ready and as this weeks Zakka project was teeny tiny I thought they could be added to the swap as well..
I will post finished pictures but here is a little taster....

This weeks Zakka style project were the Itty Bitty Quilt Block magnets... really cute and they finish at 1½" square ... so quite a challenge to keep accurate..
As I was going to make a few of each style I thought it would be easier to change the method of construction - for example the 9 patch was supposed to be sewn with 1" squares but I decided to make strip sections up instead...

It was a lot easier to just sew the 3 sections together....
I have put in a bobbin for size reference... they still need a seam around so there is another ½" to come off... I am trying for a patriotic look as the FQ retreat is on during the Jubilee weekend.

Next pattern is a String block - these could only be done by the method described but were so quick and easy to make it wasn't  a problem. Paper piecing is very accurate so is especially good for small items. It looks a little odd at first....
But after trimming and pressing it looks lovely... I made 2 to start with and changed the colours around..
So now to finish them off.... I may change the width of the strips on the string as the corners will nearly disappear in the seam line..

As a result of my recent wanderings on the web, I have been having some great packages arriving but one of them wasn't a purchase.... it was my name badge for the FQ Retreat (I will give you fair warning... posts will contain a lot of references to the FQ Retreat - as I am getting a little excited) 

Let me introduce you to Boris... my Bosom buddy - literally.
Boris was made for me by my swap partner Trashalou and I gave him his name because I first saw him on the day the results were announced for the London Mayoral Election.. At that time I didn't know he was coming to me... I love him he has a cheeky little grin - it may because he doesn't  take his duties of guarding my cleavage seriously.. Thank you Trash.. and that ribbon makes me feel like I am wearing a medal around my neck - perhaps he can come with me to the Olympics.......

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