Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The world was joined by another little miracle last week. Ruby made her slightly late arrival into the world, a cherished daughter for our friends. I have had her quilt top made for a few weeks. Which is pretty good going for me... I am Mrs Last-Minute.... via Mrs Procrastinator - I like to think its because I work best under pressure of a deadline.

So today while I should have started to do the quilting.... I decided to make a Ruby Rabbit..... all because of a new book that plopped on my mat recently... 123 Sew by Ellen Luckett Baker. Quite simple projects that help you build skills as you progress through the home based projects. 
There is a sweet section on items for little people and the softies took my fancy - I started off with a little mouse pincushion.... I called him Mortimer but he was abducted by one of my workmates. Sadly I don't have photographic evidence.... perhaps if I get a ransom note I could ask for proof that he is still alive and hasn't been murdered  eaten by her dog...

So I made sure to take pictures of Ruby.... here she is as a mystery bundle.....

And here she is all finished.... She is made from brushed cotton and is lovely and soft.

But I had a slight problem..... just as I was sewing up the opening after stuffing... I pricked my finger..... Blood everywhere... argh..!! All over Ruby's back.....
Never fear.... I have a trick up my sleeve..... Did you know that if you 'spill blood' on fabric the only think to do is spit!! Well I do that anyway in that sort of situation but literally you spit on the fabric to wet the blood and blot it away with a piece of clean soft fabric - only your own spit will work on your own blood. 

This tip is highly popular with small boys..!!

So Ruby got spat on... it cleaned up well but I don't fancy giving her away when she has been spat on... I know worse things will happen to her when owned by a baby but I have standards.....
So I decided to use her as a prototype..... there were improvements and tweaks I would make for future Rubys - so she's staying with me - for now.

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